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Thursday, August 6, 2020

McShane - Process Control Supply and Services

Founded by Philip Johnson in 1964, supplies process control equipment, OEM devices, and industry services from our location south of Cleveland, Ohio.

McShane - Process Control Supply and Services

They also provide services like Leading Edge Custom Built Designs, Prototyping and Manufacturing.

 Temperature Controller for DC Load and TEC

Temperature Controller for DC Load and TEC

The Model 5R7-582 controller has two sensor inputs. The second sensor input can be used for a sensor or optionally be used for remote set point adjustment using ma or a voltage or a potentiometer based dial.

The Model 5R7-583 Client controller has a sensor input that is used as an alarm sensor that can shut off the output power of the 5R7-583 if the sensed temperature is out of range. The Setup software of the 5R7-582 Server allows you to set the High and Low alarm values for the 5R7-583 Client.

Model 5C7-582 or Model 5C7-583 temperature controllers provide automatic biphase heating and cooling control for Thermoelectric (Peltier effect, or TEC) modules.

Manufacturing Services

OEM manufacturing services for all types of control applications: Flow, Humidity, Pressure, Signal, Speed, Temperature, Position, Voltage, Volume, or any custom requirement.

McShane, Inc.
3633 Trails End Dr., Medina, Ohio, 44256-8770, United States.

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