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Friday, July 13, 2012

CAR1248FP front-end power supply - GE

Efficient and Compact, the CAR1248FP is a front-end power supply module for distributed power applications. The CAR Series of front-end rectifiers provide highly efficient isolated power from worldwide input mains in a compact 1U industry standard form factor providing an unprecedented power density of 30W/in3.

CAR1248FP front-end power supply - GE

It takes an AC input and outputs a regulated single output voltages of 48Vdc. Enclosed in 1U package it has 1200 Watts of power capability.

CAR1248FP front-end power supply - Lineage

It has all the protection you need including overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature.

Features Include
  • High Power Density (19W/in²)
  • 91% typical efficiency
  • N+1 Redundancy / Hot-Swap Operation
  • 3.3VSB, Active Load Sharing, I²C and PMBus
  • Remote On/Off and Remote Sense functions
(Lineage Power - Power Conversion Solutions)

"Energy-efficient AC/DC and DC/DC embedded power, indoor/ outdoor energy systems."

delabs Notes

I am writing it here again, i was overwhelmed by the Cherokee Power Supply Design, which i saw in the Tek Logic Analyzer 1240, i was an R&D engineer and also worked on a DMM Option for 2235.

When i came first online i found that Cherokee is part of Lineage, today i find it is part of GE Energy.

Friday, March 30, 2012

QTM12 PTC Axial Leaded Thermistor - QTI

These Thermistors from QTI are available in resistance at 25°C from 10 ohm to 40K ohm. Power rating for the QTM12 series is 0.5 Watts at 25°C. The Encapsulation of the Component is by plastic molding, the axial leaded part has a body length of 0.421" and a diameter of 0.155".

QTM12 PTC Axial Leaded Thermistor - QTI

QTM12 PTC Axial Leaded Thermisto - QTI

Some Specs

  • Positive Temperature Coefficient: 0.7% per °C
  • Thermal Time Constant: 60 seconds max in still air
  • Dissipation Constant: 2.5 mW per °C min in still air

From - Quality Thermistor Inc. QTI

2108 Century Way, Boise, ID 83709, USA