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Monday, April 9, 2018

StencilLaser P 6060 - LPKF

Create state-of-the-art production of SMT solder paste stencils. It sports a space saving design, ease of use, high cutting speed and very low operating cost.

StencilLaser P 6060 - LPKF

StencilLaser P 6060 - LPKF

The LPKF StencilLaser P 6060 uses a state of the art fiber laser system with custom optics and beam delivery system, providing sidewall qualities that meet and exceed all industry standards.
Some Specs

The StencilLaser P 6060 represents the LPKF "Startline" and requires minimum setup, does not need a water chiller or high power electrical connections. It is out of the box, plugged into the wall (115 V or 230 V), setup once and producing stencils within shortest time.
  • Cutting area (X/Y) 23.6" x 23.6"
  • Maximum material thickness 200 µm
  • Laser repetition rate Max. 10 kHz
  • Axial precision ± 4 µm
  • Orthogonality 5 arc seconds
  • Repeatability ± 4 µm
From - LPKF Laser & Electronics AG