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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Silicon PTC Thermistors - RTI Electronics

Extensively used in temperature compensating and sensing applications. Circuit design applications include power supplies and Over-Temperature protection.

Silicon PTC Thermistors - RTI Electronics

Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) thermistors - the resistance increments with temperature rise. An example application for 'Standard PTC Thermistors' of say 1 Ohm is Thermal runaway prevention in stacked power semiconductors. The Thermistor Thermally connected to the device/heatsink case, when device gets heated the current flow drops, as thermistor resistance increases, thereby balancing load. This Silicon PTC can also be used but in the bias or drive circuit as the resistance is more.

Silicon PTC Thermistors - RTI Electronics

Thermistors offer a regulation or monitor of temperature over a narrow range at a lower cost. Thermistors with minimum analog circuitry can replace bimetallic thermostats in most situations.

RTD and Thermocouples offer wider range and a more consistent output for Recording and Measurement. Thermistors are ideal for closed loop controls for protecting electrical equipment by limiting or cutting off the input power.

RTI Electronics designs, manufactures and sells thermistor, magnetic and film capacitor products. They also manufacture a full line of Magnetics, including Current Transformers & Sensors, Inductors & Power Transformers.

RTI Electronics, Inc. 1800 E. Via Burton St. Anaheim, CA 92806-1213

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