Rigel Medical - Electrical Safety Solutions

In addition to the Semi Automatic test, the Rigel 266 Plus safety analyzer provides fully manual test routines, easily selectable via the rotary selector switch and dedicated push buttons for individual Single Fault Conditions.

Rigel 266 Plus Electrical Safety Analyser
Features Include -
  • Full IEC 60601 Leakage Tests
  • Up to 25A AC Test Current
  • Large Graphic LCD
  • Separate AC & DC Values
  • Full Manual Control
  • Insulation Test
Rigel Medicals - Biomedical Test Equipment
"Rigel Medical are dedicated to offering portable and innovative biomed test equipment ranging from safety analyzers to NIBP simulators and ventilator testers, using the latest technologies such as incorporating BlueTooth technology, RFID technology and using new test methods to accurately measure earth / ground bond resistance."