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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Data Logger System DI-8B - DATAQ

The DI-718B is an eight-channel, DI-8B module data logger system. Each DI-718B accepts up to eight high-performance, plug-in (DI-8B) signal conditioning modules to include virtually any isolated, industrial-type signal.   -

Because DI-8B modules are identical in pinout and size, they can be mixed or matched in any combination. Choose from thermocouple, true rms, voltage, strain, frequency, process current, RTD, potentiometric, or DC transducer-whatever suits your application. -

Data Logger System DI-8B - DATAQ

Data Logger System DI-8B - DATAQ
Some Features -
  • Measures temperature, pressure, flow, current, voltage, and more.
  • Low-Cost, Portable, USB or Ethernet Data Logger.
  • Eight DI-8B signal-conditioned analog inputs.
  • 14-bit analog to digital conversion.
  • Includes WinDaq Software.

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