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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Multifunction Preset Counter - H7CX-A - Omron

1-stage preset counter, 1-stage preset counter with total counter (selectable). Power supply circuit and input circuits are isolated inside the Counter/ Tachometer. Previous non-isolated counters had wiring restrictions and could be damaged if wired incorrectly. The H7CX removes these worries.

Multifunction Preset Counter - H7CX-A - Omron

Twin Counter Mode (One Unit, Two Counters) - A Twin Counter Mode has been added to enable using two counters with only one unit. Tachometer Function, Prescaling function and Decimal point adjustment.

Multifunction Preset Counter - H7CX-A - Omron

The output counter counts the number of times the output turns ON (alarms can be displayed and the count can be monitored in increments of 1,000 operations). This counter is useful in managing the service life of the Counter/Tachometer or the load.