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Monday, September 9, 2019

pH ORP Desktop meter - EID

Professional pH, ORP or ISE related data measurements and analysis. Offers the features you need, all within the familiar function; STD, Temp and Slope calibrations.

pH ORP Desktop meter - EID

pH ORP Desktop meter - EID

The METRR-PH1D/ORP1D are easy-to-install, and easy-to-use unit. You will be able to control all functions from front panel.

Features -
  • Displaying pH/mV on front panel mounted LCD
  • Small size unit fits almost anywhere.
  • 2 point calibration.
  • Compatible with many pH and ORP sensors.
  • Nerstian's slope factor for max. accuracy.
  • Manual Selection of Nerstian's equation parameters
  • Linear scale factor 0 to 14 pH.
  • Rated for full -2 to 19.999 pH range.
  • Operates on low voltage and low current.