Friday, January 29, 2016

Economical Digital Meters DP18 - Omega

"The DP18 series is a complete family of panel meters with input cards for voltage, process and temperature measurement and control. The signal conditioners for voltage will measure ac or dc voltages or true RMS."

Economical Digital Meters DP18 - Omega

Modular Design, Options for Alarms, Analog Output of Communications, 3 1/2-Digit LED Available in Red or Green Displays

Economical Digital Meters DP18 - Omega

Other inputs include differential process, load cells or potentiometers. Combined with OMEGA’s wide selection of transducers, the DP18 series is the single solution for process measurement.

From Omega

In Response to Email from JPE - US WV to delabs

"I would like to know if you offer a monitoring solution that will constantly measure ambient (air) temperature (say, 0 to 150°F), and provide a corresponding DC voltage output of either 100 mV, 1 V, 5 V, or 10 V. Do you make a unit that can be configured to do this?"

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Casio Industrial Handhelds

"Casio has been manufacturing and marketing industrial ruggedized mobile terminals for more than twenty years across the globe, and has successfully established themselves as one of the market leaders."

Casio Industrial Handhelds

Casio Industrial Handheld -  IT-600

"The IT-600 is designed and built for maximum durability in all weather conditions and for harsh handling by users. To ensure that the terminal is durable against dust, water and hard impacts, the IT-600 has been subjected to a series of severe assessment tests complying with International Standard IEC60529."  - IT-600 series
Features Include
  • 3.7-inch transflective TFT color LCD (65,536 colors)
  • 21 keys (including Numeric keys, Center key, Cursor keys)
  • Scanner C-MOS bi-linear imager
  • Bluetooth Version 1.2 compatible (up to 3.0 m distance)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Multifunctional counter and timer- Autonics

Touch Type Counter/Timer - CTY/CTS/CT Series. New CT series adopts RS 485 communication function so that each parameter setting and monitoring can be available from PC. In addition, it allows up to 6 digit prescale setting possible to provide user convenience.

Multifunctional counter and timer- Autonics

Multifunctional counter and timer- Autonics

Features Include -
  • Counter/timer function selectable
  • Multi-functional counter/timer(include 829,728 functions)
  • Prescale function
  • High speed counting of 10kcps
  • Batch counter function(CT6, CT6-2P only)

Autonics Corporation
41-5, Yongdang-dong, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, 626-290, Korea

Industrial Process Control

Industrial Process Control
Process Control, Industrial Automation. Manufacturing Systems. Machines, Tools.

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