Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SDS 200A - PC based DSO - softDSP

Two Channel 200MHz, 5GS/s equiv. sampling PC based Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

SDS 200A - PC based DSO - softDSPSoftScope SDS 200A - PC based DSO - softDSP

SDS 200A combines all the traditional benefits of the DSO from 200MHz bandwidth, 5 GS/s equivalent sampling to advanced triggering options (Logic, Pulse and Delay) with characteristics such as higher true color (32bits) waveform grading, and automated data transfer to Microsoft Excel and Word. Interface is Universal Serial Bus(USB).

SDS 200A - PC based DSO - softDSP

SDS 200A/SoftScope makes an inexpensive PC based oscilloscope perform close to a stand-alone digital oscilloscope.

Max. sample rate Realtime sampling: 100MS/s using one channel, 50MS/s using two channels Equivalent sampling:5GS/s

Bandwidth 200MHz(-3dB); Single shot bandwidth: 50MHz ; 20MHz bandwidth limiting function is available.

Vertical resolution 9 bits/channel; Gain range 10mV ~ 10V/div @ x1 probe and 100mV ~ 100V/div @ x10 probe.

From - softDSP - Software and DSP technology company. 3GPP compliant Turbo decoder ASIC/IP core and 200MHz bandwidth 5GS/s equiv. Sampling rate Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

PoScope mega 1 from PoLabs

Easy to setup and use USB PC Scope. The software is a fully featured oscilloscope, chart recorder and spectrum analyser with advanced trigering all in one easy to use package. More features in software coming soon like 16-channels logic analyzer.

PoScope mega 1 from PoLabs
2 channel oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer
  • Sample rate: up to 1MHz
  • Input voltage: -20 - +20 V (0-3V on +5 inputs)
  • ADC resolution: 12 bits
  • Triggering: absolute, differential, external
From PoLabs

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